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The opposition is set to struggle to hold onto their seats according a recent poll. Image: AEC

The state government is all but guaranteed to win the next state election, with a reputable poll suggesting a landslide.

The first Newspoll of the election campaign set to be published tomorrow in The Weekend Australian has Labor leading the Liberal Party 68 to 32 per cent, setting up the possibility of an unprecedented result.

If the poll result is replicated on March 13, it would result in a 12.5 per cent swing towards the state government. 

Such a result could see the Liberal Party left with two seats and the Nationals with four seats in the lower house.

Labor's primary vote is sitting at 59 per cent, 18 per cent higher than its 2017 election result and almost double its primary vote in the 2013 election.

The Liberal Party’s primary vote has slumped nearly ten per cent since the last election and by more than half since its successful 2013 re-election campaign. The poll records support at 23 per cent.

It has also impacted the Nationals' primary vote, which has plummeted from five per cent of the overall state vote at the 2017 state election to two per cent in the poll.

The Western Australian Electoral Commission starts sending out postal votes on Monday, while early voting gets underway on Wednesday.

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