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Zak Kirkup has conceded he will not become Premier on March 13. Image: WA Liberal Party

The opposition has all but conceded the WA election, with the Opposition Leader acknowledging Mark McGowan will remain the state's leader.

In an interview with The West Australian, Liberal leader Zak Kirkup admitted he would not become Premier on March 13.

"I accept it's not my time, but I'm not going to give up fighting," he told the newspaper.

"More and more people are telling me they just expect Mark McGowan’s going to win and we have to acknowledge that."

The opposition has in recent days altered its campaign strategy, encouraging people to "Vote Liberal locally" and warning of the need to "keep important checks and balances".

The opposition has been under pressure in recent months, with the state government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic sending Labor’s approval rating skyrocketing.

Saturday's Newspoll put the Labor Party heading for an unprecedented landslide, with the party up 68 to 32 two party preferred against the Liberals.

If such a result was replicated at the polls, it could leave the Liberal Party with only two seats in the state’s lower house, losing opposition status to the Nationals.

The 34 year old is at risk of losing his own seat of Dawesville in Mandurah's southern suburbs, having won it by less than 350 votes in 2017.

Mr Kirkup said he is worried about the future of the state if the opposition lost more MPs at this election.

"[It’s] already a task for us to hold the government to account.

"If that number was reduced, it makes it harder still."

There are also fears within Liberal ranks of Labor gaining control of the upper house, allowing them to pass legislation without the support of other parties.

The concession comes only a few hours before the only televised leaders debate of the campaign airs tonight.

Early voting commenced earlier this week when postal votes started getting sent to WA households.

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